Space industry conference

Space industry conf. 

20. March 2019, Mlynica – Bratislava


Vytah conf is a place where Space and Earth meet. You will dive into many interesting topics divided into three main tracks:

Hardware + Software + Terrestrial applications

During the conference, you will discover how your company, your project and you personally can contribute to the future of Space and Earth.


Speakers, innovators, entrepreneurs.


Les Johnson

Author and Futurist, NASA scientist

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Tom Rousek

Terrestrial and space architect, founder of XTEND and collaborator with NASA

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Christophe Lasseur

Head of MELiSSA project –
European Space Agency.

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More to come…

We are working super hard to bring other interesting speakers. If you have a tip let us know. Otherwise wait for new names to come :)

Zainab Saleem

Engineer - ICEYE

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Antonio Del Mastro

President & Project coordinator–Mars Planet

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